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A Sailboat is a kind of boat that is entirely depended on sails. Each part of a sailboat has a distinct name, the vital part of sail boat are, the hull, spars, sails, and rigging. Bow and stern are the front and rear of the hull respectively. Spars are the supporting sails of the boat; there is one largest sail which serves as the mainsail and rigging are the strong thick ropes that support the sails. Sailboats look fantastic with decorative parts like boats graphics and fancy boat lettering.

There are various types sail boats depending upon their size and the purpose they serve. Some very common types of sail boats are: sloop boats, clutter boats, catboat, ketch, schooner etc. based on each type of boat, you can put decals on them, the registration number of the boat can be decorated alongside it.

Use our designer to design boat lettering, registration numbers, hail port names , and anything else!

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Very nice decal


Dennis | Actual Customer

Designing the registration numbers was super easy. They really compliment the design of the boat. I used Rapid TAC liberally to apply the decals and i feel it took all the stress out of the installation. I couldn’t be any happier with the outcome.


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Have bought several decals and ALL have been perfect! This was my latest. I also HIGHLY recommend the Marine Grade Vinyl.


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