Custom Boat Lettering

Setting sail on the open waters is an experience, and every boat has its own story. With our custom boat lettering, you have the unique opportunity to give your vessel its own voice.

Boat decoration is more than just lettering, it's about keeping the boat's story and memories alive. Our custom lettering helps you celebrate special places, remember loved ones, or share your own sayings, making your boat truly your own.

Choosing your custom boat lettering is also about standing out. In a sea of similar vessels, your boat deserves to be distinctive. Choose designs that match your vision, so your boat stands out and reflects your unique style and interests. When you dock or sail, your boat's special lettering will catch attention and help you connect with other boaters.

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At, we pride ourselves on offering custom vinyl boat lettering tailored to your unique preferences. Our vinyl guarantees that your boat will stand out, whether it is docked or cruising the open waters. Here's why our vinyl lettering is the top choice for boat enthusiasts across the United States:

Quality Vinyl Boat Lettering That Withstands The Elements

People have long recognized vinyl for its remarkable durability. Its resilience stands out, especially in marine applications. Vinyl sticks well to boats, making it durable against time and tough marine conditions. This durability ensures that your boat's lettering remains vibrant and intact, regardless of the weather or water it encounters.

We have 3 options available on our site. Our standard, premium and high tack vinyls are all 3M products. Standard lasts 5+ years, premium lasts 8+ years, and high tack is for plastic applications such as kayaks and jet skis.

With our pre-spaced and ready to install lettering, you can easily apply it to any part of your boat's hull or hailing port.

Vinyl Boat Lettering’s Salt Water Advantage

We specially tested multiple products and ended up with 3M and other manufacturers to ensure you lettering will last. Saltwater damages most materials, but our vinyl lettering remains in good condition, keeping your boat's name and designs flawless.

Long Lasting Color Retention

One of the standout features of our boat lettering is its ability to maintain vibrant colors over time. Our boat lettering will stay vibrant for years thanks to the high-quality vinyl we use. The standard colors last up to 8 years, while the specialty vinyl lasts up to 5 years. You can trust that your boat's lettering will resist fading and continue to look great.

Easy Letter Application with Pre-Masked Vinyl Pieces

Each piece of boat lettering comes pre-masked, streamlining the application. We provide detailed instructions with our products to help everyone, including beginners, understand and complete each step easily.

Pre-Installation and Maintenance Products

Ensuring the perfect Installation of your custom vinyl boat lettering is a breeze with our range of specialized tools and kits.

For those looking for a comprehensive solution, our Complete Professional Vinyl Lettering Install Kit provides everything you need, from the Rapid Tac Application Fluid, which ensures a smooth application, to the Professional Squeegee, designed to give that perfect finish. And if you're just starting out or need a simpler set, the Standard Vinyl Installation Kit offers essential tools like the Application Squeegee and the Seal It Pen, which helps seal your graphics, preventing issues like lifting edges.

Maintenance is equally straightforward. Over time, if you decide to change or remove your boat's lettering, our Vinyl Removal Kit comes to the rescue. Equipped with the Lil' Chizler Scraper and the All Natural Rapid Remover, it ensures the old vinyl comes off cleanly without damaging your boat's surface.

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Enhance Your Boat with Personalized Graphics

Want to customize your boat beyond just the lettering? Boat Lettering To You has got you covered.

We provide custom graphics to go with your lettering. Choose a meaningful character or a design that enhances your boat's look. Our team is ready to make your ideas a reality. If you don't see something you like, email us and we can make your custom design come to life.

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Start Designing Your Own Boat Lettering

With our intuitive online designer tool, you can craft your boat lettering, registration numbers, hail port names, and more. For inspiration, check out our gallery of past works. Our help section has design tips to help you begin.

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