Vinyl Installation and Removal Accessories

Complete Standard Vinyl Kit
Complete Standard Vinyl Kit
For those who need to remove old vinyl and install new

Includes: Standard Install Kit and Removal Kit

Vinyl Removal Kit
Vinyl Removal Kit
Takes the hassle out of removing old vinyl

Includes: Lil' Chizler Scraper and All Natural Rapid Remover

Vinyl Install Kit
Standard Vinyl Installation Kit
Takes the hassle out of installing vinyl

Includes: 1 4oz bottle of Rapid Tac Application Fluid, 1 Application Squeegee, 1 Seal It Pen

Rapid Remover
Rapid Remover 4oz Spray Bottle
All natural vinyl adhesive remover

Non toxic, all natural, water soluble adheisve remover. Safe for automotive clear coats and gel coats! Breaks down adhesive in 30-60 seconds.

Rapid Tac 32oz
Rapid Tac 32oz Spray Bottle

Rapid Tac 4oz
Rapid Tac 4oz Spray Bottle

Seal-It Pen
Seal-It Pen
Seal your lettering and graphics around the edge preventing premature failures such as lifting corners. Each SEALITPEN is filled with ONE SHOT brand 4005 UV blocker acrylic clear, for a fast drying (15 minutes), long lasting edge seal. Each pen will seal approximately 10 sets of truck doors.

Lil' Chizler
Lil' Chizler
Removing old vinyl? Then you'll need one of these. Much safer than scraping with metal.

4" Standard Squeegee

Flex-Ridge Double Edge Squeegee
Professional Double Edge Squeegee
Use the rigid edge for heavy applications. The thin rubber edge protects thin vinyl films or digital prints against tearing and scratching. Perfect for large wrap installations.