Domed Lettering

Domed Boat Decals

Upgrade your flat lettering to our domed lettering, also known as raised lettering, epoxy domed decals, or 3D lettering. This involves the application of a two-part polyurethane resin, resulting in a stunning glossy 3D lens effect.

Our premium resin is resistant to yellowing in the sun and guarantees a lifespan of up to seven years. In addition, it has excellent protection against impacts and scratches. It also has the ability to repair itself, ensuring a long-lasting glossy appearance. Boat manufacturers commonly use this on their logos. “Just select dome it” during the design process.

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Domed Numbers

When thinking about enhancing your boat's appearance, consider going beyond just the name or hailing port. A great way to elevate the look is by upgrading your registration numbers to domed numbers. One of our most popular options is chrome lettering, which stands out for its sleek and stylish appearance.

Doming your numbers adds sophistication and visual appeal to your boat. This upgrade can also make the letters more visible as well as giving it a truly stylish appearance. Just select “dome it” during the design process.

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Domed Labels

Our services include the creation of both bulk and individual domed labels and stickers. We cater to all order sizes, from large quantities to just a few items. No minimum order requirement ensures that we can assist you regardless of the quantity you need.

For any specific requirements or to get a quote, feel free to contact us.

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Additional Information

At Boat Lettering To You, we utilize the industry's premium resin, often employed in boats, automobiles, and even aircraft. After curing, we apply transfer tape for effortless installation, mirroring our standard orders. Some packages may be oversized to ensure they do not damage the lettering.

In some cases, we are able to dome your graphics, logos, or clipart. However, we generally don't dome graphics that are combined with lettering due to the complexity involved in the layering process.

This method ensures a more efficient doming process and helps us guarantee your satisfaction with the end product. If you want us to dome certain labels, graphics, or elements, please contact us for more information and help. We will review each case individually.

To upgrade your lettering online, simply utilize our designer tool and check the "domed it" box. Please note that the doming process requires additional time compared to our standard orders. This is because we carefully overlay resin onto your lettering using a resin dispenser. Once applied, the resin will take over 24 hours to cure. We check orders for errors and will fix the lettering to ensure you receive a top-notch product.

Domed lettering takes more time to produce than flat lettering because of the complex process involved. However, if you need your order expedited, we offer a rush service option. We can't guarantee specific production dates, but we prioritize your order and ship it as soon as we can. We promise to deliver your domed lettering as quickly as we can, because we know how important it is to receive it on time.