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Along with access to the Atlantic Ocean NJ has some great fishing and pleasure boating spots throughout the state. Remeber though that you will need to make sure you boat has proper registration identification numbers for launching in any NJ waterway.

Any motorized boat in New Jersey must contain boat registration numbers on the hull of the boat. You will find that this information can vary slightly by state. In short most states require that the registration letters be no less than 3 inches tall and in block lettering. This will ensure compliance with local laws.

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New Jersey Boat Registration Number

Do I need to buy 2 New Jersey boat registration number?

All of our New Jersey boat registration numbers are sold by the pair! That means the price you see is for the pair of numbers. When you get a set you can put one on each side of the boat. Most people need a set so we go ahead and make that part of the price.

Are the letters pre spaced?

All of our lettering orders come pre spaced with application tape meaning you don't have to worry about applying each registration letter individually. The application tape covers the entire set of lettering like a big piece of masking tape allowing you to place it directly on your boat in one step.

What is considered block letters?

Block lettering is typically a font like arial black. Strong thick text that is not script styled. Check your own laws in New Jersey as to see if block lettering is a requirement for your boat. If it is we recommend not using one of our fancy fonts and sticking with a registration number compliant font such as arial black.

Other helpful information

Be sure to review your individual state requirements for boat registration numbers. We have built our site to provide the most common compliant lettering people require.


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Lakes in New Jersey
New Jersey has some great locations to fish and do recreational boating. You always want to make sure your boat is registered though as the DNR will fine you for being on the water with an unregistered boat.

Even though New Jersey isn't the biggest state it still has some great spots to fish and swim from your boat. Not only that but you can use this list to find other lakes in New Jersey.

  • Greenwood
  • Hopatcong
  • Round Valley
  • Spruce Run